Are you interested in certifying your level of Spanish shortly? Do you need an official diploma which certifies your level of Spanish to apply for a place at a Spanish or Latin American University? Or maybe you want to be promoted in your job, or just show off among your friends?

Here are the dates for next Spanish SIELE Examinations in Alce Idiomas-The Asturias Language College, Oviedo – Asturias, Spain

SIELE is the “Servicio Internacional de Evaluación de la Lengua Española” which certifies electronically the command of the Spanish language proficiency for students and professionals. It is promoted by the  , the Universidad Autónoma de México, the Universidad de Salamanca and the Universidad de Buenos Aires. These institutions guarantee the standards for quality and good practices in the creation of the tests and the use of diverse linguistic varieties in the Hispanic world. SIELE certifies the degree of proficiency for the Spanish language with four tests: Reading and listening comprehension, Written expression and interaction and Spoken expression and interaction; the exam also takes as a reference the levels established by the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).

Prepare and take a SIELE examination in our school. All the year round we offer the best courses for all levels, taught by teachers who are experts and will help you get top marks. We have published dates for SIELE GLOBAL examination which is made up of 4 tests: Reading Comprehension Test, Listening Comprehension Test, Written Expression and Interaction Test and Spoken Expression and Interaction Test.  If our published dates don’t suit you or you wish to take any of the tests separately,  please contact us.

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SIELE is an on line examination you can take when and where you wish. SIELE offers you up to 5 types of exams adapted to your certification needs. Choose yours and get your Spanish certificate. Validity is for five years!


SIELE EXAMINATION is specially recommended if you need your level of Spanish to be certified within a short period of time. Results are released about 3 weeks after the exam date.

Spanish SIELE examinations at Alce Idiomas-The Asturias Language College